Your future is Vivid – and here are 5 reasons why….

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Great words cut through the noise. It’s all about the words. First-class writing helps you tell your story – whatever you are selling. In fact, it’s vital. The internet’s a fantastic market place but it’s also a 24-hour free-for-all and the din can be deafening. A great story – well told – makes you stand out from the crowd. Sign up for our free updates on the ways that Vivid Agenda can help you. Tell us what you want by commenting on our blog or contacting us. We want to hear from you.

First-class content is our focus. Vivid Agenda provides content marketing for all kinds of businesses and organisations. We know about web writing, blogging, ebooks, email marketing, SEO, tweeting and video. We’ll help you engage your customers with highly effective content (that’s ‘compelling storytelling’, folks) that adds to your brand, and a strategy to market it. We’ll share useful research and success stories.

You won’t find better writers. We’ve become the best by working pretty much everywhere – TV and print journalism, book writing and publishing, PR, web management and marketing. So get ready for an entertaining mix of news and tips including:

  • ‘Grammar Gran’
  • ‘Lessons from the Master’ (PG Wodehouse)
  • ‘Why writing is often the Cinderella of web projects (and it shows)’
  • ‘How David Mamet’s drama can help your business’
  • ‘The night I nearly died through poor communication’ (a cautionary tale from Kashmir)

We work with great people. We are writing experts and we believe in focusing on what we’re best at – but we also manage projects and work closely with the best designers, developers and film makers to give our clients what they want. Check out our services pages and, if you want to know more, contact us.

We listen to what you want and deliver it. So hop on board and grab yourself a good seat. We don’t have a crystal ball but we know that – working with you – the future’s Vivid.

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