Vivid Agenda was set up by two UK journalists who decided to pool their talents and help raise the writing bar with a high-quality storytelling and selling service. We ghostwrite and edit books (we’ve published five so far) and help all kinds of businesses to communicate.

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Ruth Devlin is a highly experienced and versatile writer and blogger. She worked as a journalist for over 20 years, covering all sectors – newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and online. A poacher by temperament, she turned gamekeeper and began working in public relations seven years ago. She specialises in health and social issues and with her Vivid Agenda business partner has co-written and edited three published books.

John Hunt’s love of stories began as a child listening to his mum’s tales of rural Galway. He has written about the fall of apartheid in South Africa, war against ISIS in Syria, curfews in Kashmir, child labour in Pakistan, courage in Colombia and the election of Bolivia’s first indigenous president. He has also managed major websites, including for the UK government’s Disability Rights Commission. When not writing books, he edits the Kurdistan Tribune and is a marketing consultant.