We have the expertise to make your writing first class.

Does your work need to be polished, ‘plain englished’ or just plain rewritten for your audience? We have global experience of editing everything from full-length books, scientific manuscripts and academic treatises to websites, particularly where English is not our client’s first language.

We write and edit books that get published – we can edit yours to a professional standard that will give it the best chance of being published, too. We offer the full range of book editing services:

  • An initial manuscript review, to assess its suitability for publication
  • A full rewrite/rework and polish to bring it up to publishable standard
  • A copy edit and proof read of your completed manuscript before you submit it to a publisher or self-publish it

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Want to know what first class editing looks like? Click here to read samples of our latest ghost-written book, edited by Vivid Agenda partner Ruth Devlin.

See how we work: three stages of the editing process

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