‘Thanks for helping me deliver my story’

‘Wild Waters in the Roar’ – By Mike Noel-Smith

No Briton has yet managed to cross the Indian Ocean in a rowing boat. In 2003, Mike Noel-Smith and Rob Abernethy almost died in the attempt. Read Mike’s inspiring, terrifying, and witty account of their adventure.

Mike says:

‘I approached Vivid Agenda, desperate to find someone who would assess my attempt at writing a book. I knew that the story was fascinating but I needed somebody to translate my thoughts into a readable book. From the very beginning I was impressed with the professionalism and support that I got from Vivid Agenda writers. We initially spoke on the telephone and then they started to work through the manuscript industriously. They brought it alive and teased out of me many details I had thought insignificant, but which put flesh on the bones of the book. I can now look at the manuscript with pride and thank Vivid Agenda for helping me to deliver a story that I hope others will enjoy reading. Thank you so much.’

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