‘Billy Hill, Gyp and Me’ – a new title from Vivid Agenda

By Justin Hill and John Hunt

“This book is fantastic – read it” – Kwadjo Dajan, ITV drama producer of ‘Mrs Biggs’ and ‘Appropriate Adult’

“Surely a film of Gyp’s life must be on the horizon” – Duncan Campbell, The Guardian

It’s the latest book from the Vivid Agenda stable, and it’s already tipped for a TV drama.

‘Billy Hill, Gyp and Me’ is a classic ‘must read’ in true crime literature, lifting the lid off the life of the 20th century’s most successful gangland boss – and his beautiful partner in crime.

The tale of the tempestuous love affair of Billy and Gyp Hill culminates in their last fight with the law – to rescue Billy’s only son Justin from a children’s home after the death of his birth mother.

Justin Hill reveals all about his dad, including how he got clean away with the 1952 Eastcastle St robbery, his role as mentor to the notorious Kray twins and the inside story of how Billy ran multi-million gambling scams in 1960s London, while partying with rock stars and aristocrats.

Vivid Agenda co-wrote and edited ‘Billy Hill, Gyp and Me’, working with Justin Hill to combine his amazing memories of his mum and dad with documentary materials and substantial original research in the UK and abroad. This is also the untold story of Gyp, a woman who fought like a man, helped Billy plan his heists and became ‘Queen of the Underworld’. Glamorous Gyp travelled the globe in mink coats and diamonds and ran a top nightclub in Tangier – with the chief of police as her minder – before retiring to become Justin’s mother and raise him as a law-abiding citizen.

The book has already been spotted by a top TV drama producer, who is considering it for a screenplay.

Just published, the book is available from the Billy Hill website – www.billyhill.co.uk – where you can order signed copies.

A Kindle eBook version is out now

You can also read this book on Kobo

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